Dalyan Turtle Hospital – Kaptan June’s Hut

Iztuzu Beach
Iztuzu beach

If you have ever been to Dalyan you may know a little about or have visited Iztuzu Beach. Iztuzu beach is one of the nesting sites for the loggerhead turtles, you can get to the beach by taking a boat ride down the Dalyan river but the beach is closed between the hours of 8pm-8am during the months of September – May. The boat takes you to the opposite end of the beach to where Kaptan Junes Hut is, you can either get the boat down the river and walk along the beach front to the hut which is roughly 1 hour walk or you can get a dolmuş (bus) from Dalyan centre (bus and boat prices are listed below). Kaptan June’s Hut which is Kaptan June Sea Turtle Conservation Foundation, this little secret place makes a perfect visit while you are in Dalyan especially if you love Turtles!

Dolmuş from Dalyan to Iztuzu beach –

Single – 3.75TL

These buses run every 30 minutes

Boat to Iztuzu beach (opposite end of turtle beach)

Single – 10 TL

Return – 15 TL

The last boat back is at 7pm.

There is also a large car park if you are driving to the Turtle conservation.

Turtles in Kaptan June's Hut..
Turtles in Kaptan June’s Hut

The Loggerhead turtles mate in shallow waters in front of sandy beaches, in April-June they go to their lay their eggs buried in the sand on the beach, when the hatchlings are ready they should make their way to the sea (thy are attracted by the glittering moon and stars) before the sun comes up to avoid drying out or being eaten by predators. The turtle conservation does amazing work helping sick turtles by treating them in captivity and releasing them back into the sea once they are healthy again. The turtles that are being treated in the hut range from head injuries to turtles that have swallowed fishing hooks.

The turtle hospital is free to enter and there is a donation box which is recommended to leave a donation as you enter Kaptan Junes. If you would like to visit the website for Kaptan Junes it is https://dalyanturtles.com/

You can read all about the team and how they started this great work to help the loggerhead turtles, they have also prevented a resort hotel from being built on Iztuzu beach just to preserve the area especially for the loggerhead turtles laying their babies. you can also read all about other visitors experiences on TripAdvisor The Kaptan June Sea Turtle Conservation Foundation 

I recommend visiting this place if you are staying in or around Dalyan so you can see for yourself all the wonderful work they are doing protecting the turtles.

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