5 Hidden Gems in Fethiye


Fethiye is a beautiful town in Muğla, whether you are living there or just visiting, I have some found some little secret places to visit which you may or may not have heard of. Fethiye is surrounded by great sites and tours to go out and venture, most of which I’m sure you have heard of for example, Saklikent, Ölüdeniz water world, Kayaköy, Tlos and butterfly valley to name a few, but what about the little hidden places that aren’t well known? Take a look at this short guide to five hidden gems in Fethiye.

  1. The Duck Pond



This charming little duck pond not far from the marina, it is part of a restaurant called The Duck Pond (obviously). This little home for ducks and fish is a place where you can take a seat outside in the sun relaxing next to the pond. This really is a little treasure in Fethiye, if you would like to know more about the restaurants menu and food reviews you can find that here.

duck poond

2. Kings Garden Restaurant

This restaurant is located at the foot of Fethiye Rock tombs, it has amazing views and great food. Its slightly hidden given its location but well worth a visit. If you can book a table for sunset, you can watch the sun setting over Fethiye. Reviews on food and the views you can find by clicking here.


kings gard

3. Fethiye Fish Market

Fethiye fish market has actually turned into a restaurant now and a bit of a tourist attraction. You can go to the fish market, choose your favourite fish just freshly caught from the ocean and have it cooked up for you to eat. Its a bit of an experience and is great fresh food. If you are not a fish lover, don’t worry, you can visit the butchers that is there and get your chosen bit of meat cooked up fresh for you. Reviews can be found here.


4. Selale Yaka Park

This little park located in Tlos is filled with mini water falls, a bar and restaurant all under the trees, its the perfect little nature park. It it just outside Fethiye about a 40 minute drive. They have fish swimming around a little river around the bar (see below), a watermill and stream. You can pick your fish for dinner once again like Fethiye fish market mentioned above and enjoy it under the trees in this peaceful park. You can take a look at reviews and more photos on TripAdvisor just click here.


5. Deniz Cafe

This little hidden cafe is perfect for a quiet spot to chill by the water, its not known for luxurious food or drinks but just the setting make this place special. if you are looking for some peace and quiet or a cafe away from it all, this will be perfect for you. It is worth going just to sit and enjoy the view. Deniz Kafe is located right on Fethiye Harbour.


So this is just five of what I think are great hidden spots in Fethiye, however they may not be very hidden but do not get enough attention as they should. You might just find your favourite spot, so give them a try and see what you think!

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