Is it safe to travel to Turkey?

A lot of people wonder whether it is safe now to travel to Turkey regarding the ongoing conflict in Syria. The simple answer is yes and no, it is a difficult question to answer because is anywhere really safe now?
There are things happening unfortunately all over the world and the truth is you just need to be vigilant and aware of things around you. There are bigger risks in certain places obviously, I would advise completely against travelling within 10 km of the Syrian border due to risk of kidnapping and violence. However the rest of Turkey is as safe as anywhere right now, Germany, United Kingdom, France and many more countries in the world. 

If you are travelling to the South East of Turkey it is best you do not travel alone and are vigilant of your surroundings. Just be aware if you are driving to not go off track and get lost in the middle of nowhere, as you might not be sure how close you are to the border. Only travel here if it is essential, if you are going for siteseeing perhaps wait until things have calmed in the future or choose somewhere more towards the Mediterranean region.

The holiday resorts along the coast are absolutely fine, everyone is carrying on as usual. The towns and cities near the border are about 22 hours away by bus and over 1 hour by plane from the resorts. Turkey is a huge country and you are far away from all of the troubled areas when you are on your holidays.

If you are travelling to cities like Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Antalya just beware of large crowds and stay away from demonstrations. There are a lot of police and soldiers at airports and walking the streets, this may look intimidating but it is just to make Turkey safer.

As long as you are aware of the dangers you do not have to worry,  you would be aware if you were putting yourself in a bad situation. As for worrying about your holiday to Turkey, travel companies would not still be selling holidays to Turkey if they thought it was unsafe. It is no different to being in a resort in Spain to it is in Turkey, the atmosphere is totally the same.

So book your holiday to your favourite place in Turkey, relax and enjoy your holiday! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Is it safe to travel to Turkey?

  1. Thanks for this post! My husband and I just discussed traveling to Turkey during the summer of 2019 but the first thing we said was that we’d have to see what the political climate is like. (Which we’ll still do, but this was encouraging!)


    1. Your Welcome! I live here and Turkey is such a huge country that I don’t even hear about stuff going on in a different part of it. I hope this helps, enjoy wherever you decide to take your holiday 🙂

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