Dalyan is a town on the Dalyan river, it is located inland from Turkeys Southwest coast in the Aegean region. Across the river from the town there is the ancient city of Kaunos with Lycian rock tombs.

Dalyan is a great little town to visit for site-seeing, eating, drinking and shopping. It also makes a great little holiday destination. The beach is located down the Dalyan river which you can get to by bus or by boat. Also there are plenty of things to do in Dalyan for example; Mud baths, Turtle hospital, boat rides and Dalyan Market.

cyberscooty-bedHotels in Dalyan are usually located around the centre, you can find great hotels right on the river or small B&Bs in the centre or on the outskirts of Dalyan. Whether its a 2 star or 5 star hotel you will find one to suit your needs, Dalyan hotels range from all inclusive resorts to self catering so there is plenty of choice. Recommended hotels are; Dalyan Tezcan Hotel, Sedir Resort, Dalyan Konak Su and Hotel Calypso Plus. You can view plenty more Dalyan hotels here.


Aiga_restaurant.svgFor places to eat in Dalyan you can find a great deal of restaurants in the main town centre or just on the outskirts, for dinner, lunch, snacks or breakfast. There are a range of different cuisines including Turkish, seafood, pancake houses, international cuisine and pide restaurants (Turkish style pizzas). Some top picks are Lime Restaurant & Bar, Four Seasons Dalyan, Bistro Blue and Saki. If you are looking for more ideas on where to eat check out The Ten Best Dalyan Restaurants on TripAdvisor.

bag-invertedShopping in Dalyan is best for souvenirs, jewellery and groceries. There are some great little shops along the river and around the town centre.



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