Turkey has two main popular drinks which is Turkish Tea and Turkish Coffee. Other drinks are below in the speciality section.


Speciality Drinks

  • Ayran – A blend of salt, yoghurt and water (sounds horrendous but is actually quite tasty)
  • Rakı – One of Turkeys favourite alcohols, it is an aniseed flavoured spirit usually served with water and ends up looking a milky colour once the water is added to the clear spirit.
  • Çay – The most popular drink in Turkey as mentioned above, always served black and usually Turkish people add 2-4 sugars and never any milk. Enjoyed everyday in Turkey more than once a day
  • Turkish Coffee – You can drink it plain or sweet but mostly Turkish coffee is very strong because it is made with unfiltered finely ground coffee beans.
  • Salep – Salep is a creamy hot drink usually served when it is cold, it is made from crushed orchid root, milk and cinnamon.Sahlep.jpg
  • Boza – Creamy and slightly sweet drink made from fermented wheat, traditionally sold on the streets during colder evenings.cinnamonchickpeasglass


Please let me know if you have any more to add to the list – leave a public reply in the comment box below or contact us privately 🙂


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