Göcek is a small town in Fethiye, Muğla. The town is sandwiched in between Fethiye and Dalyan in the Aegean region of Turkey.

This little town is a 20-minute drive from Dalman airport, it is best known for being a yachting world as there are three marinas and an annual regatta that is held each year.

cyberscooty-bedGöcek is a bit pricier than the surrounding towns, so it is not easy to find a cheap stay. I recommend Göcek if you are looking for a bit of a luxury holiday as there are some gorgeous hotels to be found. Click here for the rated travellers top 10.

Aiga_restaurant.svgThere are many restaurants and cafes in Göcek from fine dining to a quick bite. Recommendations from travellers are, West café and Bistro, Blue restaurant and lounge bar, kebab hospital antep sofrasi, Can restaurant and many more. Click on the link for the top ten rated restaurants on trip advisor.

bag-invertedThere are plenty of shops to keep you busy in Göcek, including souvenir shops, boutique shops, carpet shops and supermarkets. A few travellers favourites are Anatolia Bazaar, Antik, Migros and Carrefour.


32435Göcek is not really a place to visit if you are looking for lively nights, the type of nightlife in Göcek is more for people who are looking to relax with a cocktail in a lounge bar or relax in the local wine bar.




Things to do in Göcek are:

  • Hire boats/yachts
  • Boat tours, including the 12-island boat tour which leaves from Fethiye
  • Scuba diving and snorkelling
  • Dalyan (45-minute drive away)
  • Fethiye
  • Ölüdeniz blue lagoon


622The easiest way to get around to other surrounding towns is by dolmuş (bus). Göcek to Fethiye buses run hourly on the hour and every half hour between 7:00am and 11:00am. The last bus home from Fethiye in the summer: 20:25 and winter 19:00. (make sure you don’t miss the bus home as it will be an expensive taxi ride.) This bus can be caught from the main terminal at white mosque central, Fethiye.
Taxis are not recommended for Göcek as it is quite a remote area. A lovely benefit of staying in Göcek is to sail along the turquoise coast (a bit more exciting than the old dolmuş) you can find out more about that at the marina and on the links provided.
If you have rented a car you can park in the municipal car park which is only 3.50TL a day.


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