Hisarönü is a tourist resort in the Fethiye area overlooking Ölüdeniz. Staying in Hisarönü you are situated in between the mountains, it is located in the Aegean region of turkey. A short bus ride of 5-10 Minutes takes you down to the gorgeous Blue lagoon in the resort of Ölüdeniz. Hisarönü is a resort that comes alive after dark rather than the day, the nearest beach is as mentioned above Ölüdeniz.

Hisarönü was once a quiet fishing village in between Ölüdeniz and Fethiye, it is now best known for its location to the Blue Lagoon and nightlife scene. Hisarönü is situated in a perfect location for visiting all the local attractions on the turquoise coast. There is plenty to see and do in Hisarönü including water parks, visiting the local Kayaköy ghost village, taking to the skies by paragliding off Babadağ mountain, and visiting the mud baths and turtle beach at Dalyan. Find more about things to do on your trip to Hisarönü below.



cyberscooty-bedHisarönü is known for their lovely all-inclusive resorts situated amongst the mountains, there is many hotels to choose from in the area, if you are looking for just a simple hotel there are many at reasonable prices for bed and breakfast in the centre of Hisarönü and Ovacık. As well as a selection of apartments centred in the centre and the outskirts. You can always check out my TripAdvisor for hotel reviews.


Aiga_restaurant.svgThere are lots of restaurants and places to eat in Hisarönü so you will never be short of options. In Hisarönü they cater for all so you have a range of cuisines to choose from including Chinese restaurants, Indian, Italian, traditional Turkish and lots more! If you prefer a simple quick grab to eat there are also some lovely kebabs shop on and off the strip to grab a quick bite!


bag-invertedThe local shops in Hisarönü are filled with souvenirs and branded stuff. Although be careful as often none of the perfume, clothing and handbags will be real. The local Azda supermarket is great for supermarket shopping especially if you are staying in an apartment and need to get shopping.


32435Hisarönü’s main attraction is its nightlife. Night life in Hisarönü is always buzzing as you have locals coming in from Fethiye and tourists coming up from Ölüdeniz to spend their evenings in Hisarönü. It has a long strip of bars and clubs to choose from with reasonably priced drinks and offers. All the night life in Hisarönü usually finishes around 4 if you’re looking for a night on the town a lot of the clubs also hold foam parties! If you are looking for a quieter place to spend your evening there are plenty of bars of the strip and a wide range of bars to go for a drink in Ölüdeniz on the beach front.


visit1600There are quite a few water parks in Hisarönü including one at the Gurol hotel. There is also a larger more recommended one in Ovacık (a 5 minute dolmuş ride) called Ölüdeniz water world. Ask your local hotel on details on how to get here if you are unsure but just click on the hyperlinks to be directed to their websites for more info!

There is Kayaköy the ghost village a 10-minute taxi/bus ride away where you will find all the old ruins and great architecture of an abandoned church. Plus, there are some lovely restaurants with pools to get a refreshing drink or bite to eat at why you are there.
You can do a trip to Dalyan mud baths and turtle beach by either getting a dolmuş or going on a trip with the local tour operators please click on the hyperlink to be taken to the Dalyan page for more information.
A 5-minute bus journey down the road is the beautiful resort of Ölüdeniz which is home to the famous Blue Lagoon and Belcekiz beach. You can visit these beaches and go on pedalos and canoes as well. And of course, what Ölüdeniz is famous for its paragliding so when you go down to Ölüdeniz you will see all the paragliders coming into landing.
Fethiye is a 10-minute journey away which is a town with a harbour and shopping mall.


622If your planning on not going out of Hisarönü everything is pretty much in walking distance if your hotel Is in the centre. Other than by foot the easiest way to get around is either by taxi or by using the local bus service (dolmuş) there are plenty of stops around town and you don’t even need a bus stop really because if you just put your hand out the dolmuş will often pull over for you. The fare is very cheap in turkey, the dolmuş fare down to Ölüdeniz is roughly 6 Lira which is around £1.30 with the current exchange rate (still cheaper than the UK!) Taxi fares are not much more they are around 15-20 lira for a taxi to Ölüdeniz which with the current exchange rate is around £3.28. So, as you can see getting around in Hisarönü is very cheap indeed.

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