OludenizBlue Lagoon, Oludeniz

Oludeniz is a resort on the south west coast of Turkey in the Aegean region. It is famous for its paragliding, Blue Lagoon and you may have heard of it because of The Lycian way which is a long distance footpath starting in Oludeniz. Overlooking this resort is the Babadağ mountain which is where the paragliders take off from.


There are many hotels situated in the centre of Ölüdeniz from 2 stars to 5 stars, you can find bed and breakfast, all inclusive, half board and self-catering so there is something for everyone, you can also stay in apartments located further up into Ölüdeniz off the main strip or if you prefer to stay in Ovacık a short dolmuş/taxi ride up in the mountains. Recommended hotels are Perdikia Beach Hotel, Tonoz Hotel, Seyir Beach and Liberty Hotel. There are plenty more if you visit our TripAdvisor.

Aiga_restaurant.svgFor places to eat in Ölüdeniz you have a wide range of restaurants along the strip, beach front and down the side roads of Ölüdeniz. There are many cuisines to suite everyone including Chinese, English, Indian, Italian and of course traditional Turkish. Whether you are looking for a quick bite or a three-course meal there is plenty of restaurants all in walking distance of the hotels. Recommendations are Mimoza Restaurant, Buzz Bar, Kumsal pide and Bella Gusto. Check out the 10 Best Restaurants in Ölüdeniz 2017



Shopping in Ölüdeniz you will mostly find lovely little souvenir shops, elegant jewellers including Pandora and supermarket stores including Azda. There are many shops selling branded clothing, bags and perfumes. If you are a regular in turkey you will already be aware that it is not real but can be very good quality if you shop around and visit the right shops.


Ölüdeniz nightlife can be lively, if you are looking for a clubbing scene you are best to go by taxi or dolmuş to Hisarönü where it starts getting busy around 11pm and nightlife starts to quieten down around 4. If you are looking for a chilled cocktail there are many beach bars along the seafront and strip where you can sit and relax. Recommendations are Buzz bar, mojito bar and Help beach bar. If you are looking for more family places around 9-12pm recommendations are Njoy Karaoke bar and VIP Dance bar, also these are good later if you are looking for a lively bar.

Check out the Best Nightlife in oludeniz

Bvisit1600illys Beach / Sugar beach – These beaches are located just along a bit further from the Blue lagoon and are free to enter. You can ask your hotel reception to call their number and they will pick you up free of charge usually around 10 minutes from when they are called. There is also a free bus back, if you stand at the entrance you will be able to jump on the next bus back and just let them know your hotel for drop off. You will have to pay for sunbeds/umbrellas, there are lovely restaurants and beach bars located along on the beach. Billys beach has a beach BBQ party every Wednesday and Saturday night, so if you enjoyed this beach during the day be sure to purchase tickets on your way out.
Blue Lagoon – The blue lagoon is what Ölüdeniz is most famous for, this beach has gorgeous clear turquoise and calm waters. Although unlike Billys beach and sugar beach there is a fee to get in, roughly 10 lira. you can rent pedalos and canoes or just relax on the sunbeds, here are cafes, toilets and showers all located in the middle of the lagoon. You can walk to the blue Lagoon or catch the bus (this is not free) it is just a short walk past the Jandarma station located on the beach front
Boat tours – There are a large choice of boat tours to choose from including Sunset cruise, 12 Island Boat tour and 6 island boat tour. The 12 and 6 island boat tours are during in the day leaving in the morning before lunch and returning around 6pm including your lunch for the day and taking you to the fabulous islands surrounding Ölüdeniz including butterfly valley, blue cave, camel beach and many more. When you purchase the tickets, they will give you more information or please visit our tour pages for trusted websites to book in advance and find out more information. The prices are roughly £8-£12 per person.
Paragliding – the paragliding is another attraction that Ölüdeniz is famous for, all over Ölüdeniz you will find tour operators to help you if you would like to go paragliding, it is perfectly safe and has been so many years. There is a festival held every year where pro paragliders come from all over the world to paraglide off the Babadağ mountain. If you are going to Ölüdeniz just once or are a regular visitor it is recommended to give this a try as the views flying over Ölüdeniz are breath taking.
-Jeep safari – This is another trip offered for a fun filled day.
-Mud baths – The mud baths are in Dalyan and there are many companies selling trips for the mud baths on Ölüdeniz strip, see Dalyan page for more.

Other places to visit:


The best way to get around Ölüdeniz is by foot if you are staying local however to get to the surrounding resorts and towns the local dolmuş station (bus) is down on the beach front opposite the Jandarma station. You will find busses to Hisarönü and Fethiye which you can then change to Göcek, Dalyan and Kayaköy. All the people at the dolmuş station are helpful and friendly and will help you get on the right bus so don’t worry if you don’t know where you’re going! The buses are all very regular and they will let you know what time the last bus is. Bus prices are roughly 3-5 lira to Hisarönü.
Taxis are not very expensive if you are going to Hisarönü/Ovacık roughly about 10-15 lira if you would prefer to go by taxi.


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